Master The All-purpose Indian Curry Masala

This is a one-to-one online Zoom lesson, where you learn to cook the authentic homestyle way.

Online Cooking Lessons With Ajay Via Zoom

2 hours

Created by Humantechfrom the Noun Project

Up to 4 persons

Use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone

How Does The Online Cooking Lesson Work?

  • A week before the session, you will get the list of ingredients and spices to buy and instructions on all prep work required (e.g dice onions, chop ginger and garlic etc). 
  • If you purchase the ‘Goody Box Package’, we will have all the required spices delivered to you. (You will still need to buy the list of the fresh ingredients, minus the spices.) 
  • On the day of the online cookery lesson, you need to have Zoom downloaded on your chosen device. Please position the camera so it is facing the cooker and the pot in which the dish is going to be prepared. This way we can guide you through the critical method that makes this base masala aWeSoMe  
  • We will share some top tips and tricks, and our knowledge about authentic Indian food and the spices we use. 
  • Ask any questions during the course and learn everyday tricks for a busy household.
  • Once the base masala is ready, you can add your choice of meat and/or vegetables.
  • Once it’s all cooked, you do a final taste test of the curry and see if it needs any final touches! 

How to take part

For the online cooking session, you need to download the Zoom app. After you book the course you’ll receive an email with a link and details for joining the class. 

What do you need

About your host, Ajay

My name is Ajay and I own/operate Banjaraa from its humble beginnings in 2018 as a converted horsebox serving Indian-inspired food across the UK. We have been serving aWeSoMe twisted Indian food in events/festivals and outside catering for the last few years and have pleased thousands of diners. During the pandemic, I taught a few people via Zoom the method to make a proper Indian Chicken curry. We found out the pain point in people’s home cooking, which was that it was impossible to accomplish a proper tasting curry…and we know why – they were not cooking their masala properly. 

Hence, our new mission to teach at least 1000 people how to cook the perfect masala every time – quick, simple and delicious! 

On a personal level, I was born in London, moved to India until I was 17, then moved back to the UK and have remained here ever since. I have had various careers, lived and worked in a few countries but ultimately I have decided to follow my calling in life – to bring happiness through food! My ultimate supporters and critics are my wife, Nicky and our three gorgeous kids.  

Banjaraa is still delivering mealfor2 ‘heat-to-eat’ local food deliveries in and around Peterborough, UK (check out the menu here). 

Who Is The Zoom Cooking Course For?

The ideal client for this course can be a busy individual with limited time to learn new kitchen skills. It could be an experimental family or person who enjoys cooking but is sick of their failed attempts at perfecting Indian food. Perhaps you’re simply fed-up of buying readymade processed curry jars from the supermarket…  

 You guessed it, this online cooking class is for everyone! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indian food delivery, Banjaraa converted horsebox

A goody box contains all the masala and spices you would need for the course, which will be shipped to you(UK customers only). Just in case you cannot find these herbs and spices near you.  

Courses are conducted via Zoom and are between two hours to two and a half hours long.

It’s simple, all you need is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with sound and a built-in camera so that Ajay can interact with you while cooking. In addition, you will need your food prep, spices and kitchen tools.   

Most definitely, subscribe to our mailing list for updates on future courses and events.

Our cooking lessons can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the experience starts. You can also re-schedule them at least 7 days before the experience starts. 

You can book as many lessons as you need, but this session covers two-hours of quality time with your cooking host, Ajay.  


A sharp knife, chopping board, various spoons, ladles etc?

The radical flavours and blend of authentic spices make a traditional Indian base masala second to none when it comes to the gateway into Indian cooking. Book on to the course and see for yourself.  


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