DEC 2020 Update on Mealfor2

Amazing mouth watering flavours

Latest update on Mealfor2 deliveries – 1st Dec 2020

We have found a new location to trade from between the villages of Eye and Thorney.

Available for Saturday deliveries only (between 2-4 pm), we will be delivering our weekly freshly made ‘Mealfor2’ and ‘Deli’ items. These menu options are delivered cold, are ready to heat and come with full heating instructions.

These can be ordered online on our website. Currently, The Mealfor2 deliveries are only for Peterborough, Whittlesey, Eye, Thorney, Crowland, Yaxley, Farcet, Etton, Glinton, Peakirk, Castor, Ailsworth & Holme.

We have also added a few extras to our menu. These include small batch products & manufacturers in the UK who we are supporting in these times. Plus, Ajay personally picks and chooses the products who go with the ‘Banjaraa’ taste and brand!

Do stay in touch through social media!

Do get in touch with us if you are looking to book us for an event/wedding/private party for 2021. We also have our online cooking lessons set-up now.

They will make great Christmas gifts for your friends and family to learn how to make a proper Indian base curry masala viz Zoom!

Thanks for support and patience!

Stay safe!

It’s good to be back!


Private catering : Indian canapes (From Horsebox or in-house with kitchen facilities)

Proposed Twisted Indian canapes:

– Handmade mini lamb samosas and/or veg samosas.
– Aj’s chicken (Twisted Indo-Chinese boneless chicken with soya sauce, honey, ginger & sweet chilli sauce)
– Afghani chicken (Boneless diced thigh chicken marinated in mild spices such as fenugreek leaves and white pepper, marinated in cream and yogurt and cooked in oven on site)
– Freshly made-on-site Pakoras & Bhajis – potato and onions, cauliflower, paneer. (Vegan & Veg)
– Chilli Paneer mini wraps (Diced Indian cheese with onions and peppers)

All comes with various chutneys:
– Signature homemade fresh mint and coriander chutney
– English mint and yogurt chutney
– Tamarind chutney
– Mango chutney

We can make other traditional Indian Canapés as well. Just ask!

We can bring servers for the event (professionally dressed).

We can serve 1 or 2 dishes at a time to keep a smooth flow.

We can serve everything in eco-friendly ware which is recyclable.

We will clean the kitchen afterwards and leave it as we found.

Price – available upon request.

Above is dependent on us using your kitchen (gas cooker, ovens, cleaning area).
We can setup 3 or 4 chaffing dishes to keep all food hot before serving.

 Banjaraa – Mealfor2 

Welcome to the Banjaraa special – our signature mealfor2 ‘heat-to-eat’ twisted Indian-inspired food delivery – available to pre-book each Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

Banjaraa is all about blending the warmth of traditional home comforts with a fresh take on Indian cuisine, and that is what we promise with the mealfor2 food delivery service. With quality beyond a generic takeaway and none of the fuss of a dining-in experience, Banjaraa’s mealfor2 brings the restaurant experience to your front door.   

Each week I spin the menu with different offerings, and through the future Twisted Indian Deli, I introduce new & traditional food concepts available as an addition to your order.  

How Does The Banjaraa Mealfor2 Work? 

The Banjaraa mealfor2 ‘Heat & Eat’ food delivery starts at £25 and comes with a selection of that week’s dedicated fillings, breads and sides (see the menu delights attached). I cater to all dietary requirements, so for vegetarians and vegans interested in experiencing the mealfor2 concept, get in touch!  

 Your order comes with free delivery within 10 miles of PE6 0QH (contact us if you don’t quite fall within this radius). Simply select a date and time slot, and have your Banjaraa mealfor2 Indian-inspired ‘Heat & Eat’ delivered ready to ‘heat & eat’ at your leisure*. While it claims to be a meal for two, it could arguably feed a small family… So make sure you’re wearing comfy clothes! 

  *two-day shelf life. Heating instructions provided. 

Why Choose The Banjaraa Mealfor2 ‘Heat & Eat’? 

The purpose of the mealfor2 concept is to deliver a casual and original dining experience. The delivery comes cold, so you can heat it for whenever you are ready. It’s the perfect solution for a foodie/family/couple of foodies looking for an easygoing but exciting food experience to end their week.   

The Banjaraa mealfor2 was built around the impression of a busy but sociable household that enjoys a unique eating experience- whether you are a young professional couple or a having the grandkids over for dinner. The Banjaraa mealfor2 removes the pressure of cooking a fresh meal when you want to relax or enjoy other activities. In fact, the mealfor2 is an event on its own – you prepare the food exactly how you want it when you want it. You get to enjoy bold and authentic flavours in the convenience and warmth of your home – exactly as Banjaraa intended.   

Who Is The Mealfor2 For? 

Are you someone who doesn’t like to cook, or you don’t yet feel equipped with the kitchen skills to cook up an Indian-inspired banquet**? Maybe you simply don’t have time to prepare a fresh feast of flavours to celebrate the weekend, or, simply, there’s other things you’d prefer to do than cook. Perhaps you are still isolating during the testing times of COVID-19 and require the convenience of food delivery, but with an added sprinkling of excitement.  

 In any case, our Indian-inspired style of the mealfor2 ‘Heat & Eat’ is the perfect solution for a unique culinary experience – allow Banjaraa to bring you happiness through food. Simple. 

 **Check here for my amazing online cookery classes! 


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