This year, we carried out our first wedding catering, for a lovely couple in Nottingham.

Reshma contacted through our website contact form and asked if we were available to cater brunch for her wedding day. We discussed everything in detail via email as she requested certain things a particular way including eco-friendly cutlery, a cold coffee brew for her American friends and mini wraps instead of the large wraps we do. Everything was confirmed and booked over a few emails and we were really excited to be catering our first wedding brunch!

We liaised with the events team at the beautiful Langar Hall in Nottingham regarding arrival times. On the day, we were met Justin (The groom) and the events manager who helped us direct the horsebox to its location.

Wedding catering from a converted horsebox. Banjaraa

At 1030AM, as the guests started to arrive we served hot cardamom Indian Chai and the cold coffee brew. We also served mini wrap with a choice the following fillings:

  • Chili Paneer with peppers
  • Mushroom masala
  • Potatoes, cauliflower and peas masala
  • Masala omelettes (on demand)

We had our signature fresh mint & coriander chutney with lemon juice, English mint & yogurt. We brought along some extra chopped green chillies as we knew some of our guests would prefer that little extra spice!

In their own words on our Instagram page:

Wedding caterers. Indian wedding food. Mixed marriage
Can’t praise you and the food enough, delicious and such a great set up, Ajay you were wonderful, the guests could not get enough of Banjaraa💛 Reshma & Justin😘

The best part we enjoyed – Playing our part in someone’s lifetime memories.
We just found another niche we would like to continue to serve.

We wish Reshma and Justin a very happy married life x

Banjaraa team

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