The date: 13th May. The time: 8:40AM

A usual morning making sure the kids are ready for school. All done and I open the emails to see this:

The Peterborough Small Business Awards is delighted to confirm you are a finalist for …

The Peterborough food & hospitality small business of the year 2019

With over 1000 nominations and entries it is quite an achievement to get through to the finals so a huge well done!

The first words in my mind and on social media from us were :


Was this some kind of joke? I knew it wasn’t fake as I had attended the #psba as a guest the year before. I just never thought Banjaraa would be one of the nominees! I didn’t think Banjaraa was ready for any award! It was too early! I was thinking “who voted anonymously for us?!” All these thoughts started to come to my mind and then I shared it on my personal Facebook page.

And boy was I so wrong in my thoughts! The amount of congratulations and personal messages/calls which followed were just amazing. I just wanted to provide some good food ‘1 wrap at a time’ but didn’t know I had touched and inspired so many people on our little journey.

The food & hospitality category had some great finalists. Some were new businesses like us and others have had a great reputation for years. A couple of them have become friends too who have helped/advised in our journey too.

Banjaraa Indian inspired food from a converted horsebox

The date came – 12th October and we were both excited and nervous. We attended as a table full of the Banjaraa tribe and I had a speech written down, just in case the nerves and emotion got the better of me!

Sadly we didn’t win, however, as far as I am concerned, Banjaraa had already won just by being a finalist in this category! It’s been a great exposure & recognition so far. Thank you to EVERYONE who has been a part of our journey and continues to do so. Thank you universe!

Ajay x

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