Hey Tribe

Hope you are all staying safe x Looks like a lot of us will be staying put in the country. The ‘support local’ is definitely working. As a business we have to go out and let the customers know if and how are we following govt. guidelines and we ‘need’ to communicate and let the customers know that we are operating and truly appreciate their business ☺

Banjaraa for one is truly grateful for the local support.

Here are some of the updates from the past month or so:

  • We have about 14 people who have their reward vouchers left, out of which 2 are for face-to-face cooking lessons and one is for a big birthday party. Hopefully, these will take place as and when we are able to. Mind you they have been enjoying the ‘Mealfor2’ and deli items for now.

What new are we up to:

  • We have found a manufacturer for our green chutney and are currently trialing the sample batches. Hopefully, we should have the first 100 jars ready for sale soon. We will most probably add 1 jar in the ‘Mealfor2’ deliveries as soon as we have them. Excited!
  • We are bringing the online cooking lessons via zoom as an official product. This is going to be aWeSoMe and  like nothing in the market currently – not that we have seen it. Anyone wishing to try it at 50% off the price – do send us an email to register your place on info@banjaraa.co.uk Only the first 20 emails received will get this deal…so hurry up!
  • We have sent out 10k leaflets in the local Peterborough and surrounding areas. We are hoping to deliver somewhere between 40-50 delivery order/week for now from the Horsebox. 
  • We have just done a twisted Indian tea with Banjaraa style wraps, pakoras and desserts at a local gorgeous market town Tea house. We loved doing this event and are hoping we can deliver this at least once a month with the tea house as a part of their offering.
  • We have 1 wedding confirmed for May 2021 also ☺ and are regularly getting leads for more weddings and private events for 2021.

That’s it for now.

If anyone would like something different for your party, event and/or wedding – do email Ajay on info@banjaraa.co.uk and let’s talk.

Thank you for being a part of our journey ☺ and see you soon with more updates!

Stay safe Banjaraas!


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