Hey Tribe

Apologies for not being able to update straight after the crowdfunder deadline date but here are some more updates from us:

  • The crowdfunder finished at £2075 with 37 supporters.
  • We found out this week that the campaign is still running on the website and this is what crowdfunder said ‘With all projects on the Pay It Forward platform, once you’ve closed the project it will remain on what we call “Forever Funding”. This basically means your page will stay on the site to accept Donation Only pledges. This will be paid out to you on a regular basis and you won’t need to honour any rewards or anything. It’s just a way for people to help out if they so choose!

It’s a really nice gesture on their part. Here is what we will do as a company. We will honour all future donations in return for any of the rewards we had when we were running the campaign. So do let us know what rewards you would like when we contact you J

  • We have already delivered 20 out of 37 supporters with their rewards. We are looking forward to delivering each and every reward from our supporters.
  • Have we managed to survive? – So far so good. We have opened and are delivering ready to heat ‘Meals for 2’ Banjaraa style Indian inspired food with free delivery in and around Peterborough, UK. The local support has been amazing and the feedback on our food has been aWeSoMe so far. We are just trying to reach a certain level of weekly orders to help us sustain for the next few months. Currently, we are delivering every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Private bookings : We have also delivered a few private food deliveries such as for a 40th and a 50th Birthday celebration. Thank you for having us as a part of your #lockdowncelebrations
  • Deli ?: Well Ajay loves creating the ‘deli menu’ items every week and we are getting great feedback from our regular and new customers! It will work – That we know! We are going to start looking around for a location – just a small kitchen to start with!
  • #payitforward : Please email us any stories of people local to Peterborough and surrounding villages, who have gone above and beyond helping our locals. We would love to pick one individual from ‘your’ stories and deliver them a ‘Banjaraa’ Mealfor2 on the house – quietly! It’s about them and NOT about us this time! Email all stories with subject #payitforward to info@banjaraa.co.uk

That’s it for now folks! We will keep updating this page until each and every reward has been honoured.

Mind you Ajay has to stop tasting his food – the social pictures show he has put on some weight but then would you trust a skinny chef? (as they say!) J J

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