The first thought that came to my mind when I was viewing the horsebox, when buying, was ‘it is a perfect fit for Burghley House events’. Once we bought it, we executed the whole branding to provide something different, a genuine story so far and with an aim to provide aWeSoMe food!

Once we were ready, it literally took us a couple of emails to convince the Burghley House events team to invite us to their fine food markets (9 days in total spread throughout the year!) It was just like the universe kept opening the doors we had wished for.

private event and festival catering Burghley House

Having done the spring and summer fine food markets, we can proudly say it was a great initial thought to work on! The 3 summer trade days were a total sell out! We we then followed up by attending their Christmas fine food market end of November and everyone loved the food!

Burghley House is where our new product ‘Twisted Indian Quiche’ was launched!

Of course, it was first tested on our prime Banjaraa local Hampton tribe – my family and friends. My kids eat the standard Quiche at least once a week and (me being me) trying to twist and make ‘something different’ all the time – we made about 20 Quiche. We sold 14 and had tasters out of the rest.

I think there is a huge market for this… maybe one day!

Banjaraa twisted indian quiche

We will be bringing our quiche to the Christmas markets around the area, for people to enjoy during the holiday season with their friends and family.

Thank you Kara & The Burghley House team! U R aWeSoMe!

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